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We Are Relationship Oriented
We are pleasant, approachable and look for ways to engage people on a personal level to deepen our business relationships. We concentrate on all aspects of the client experience as evidenced by a live person answering our phones and our desire to exceed our client’s expectations. The strength of our client relationships is the key to our growth and success.
We Care About Your Success
We are problem solvers and never make excuses. Our team does what is necessary to complete all required tasks correctly and on time. We develop trust by being honest and straight forward with people, keeping our promises, always under-promising and over-delivering. Additionally, we are laser-focused on protecting sensitive-data and safeguarding the confidential information of our clients and their employees.


We Simplify Business and Make Your Work Life Easier
Payroll + Human Resources + Benefits + Time data all in one platform. You’ll love having your important, commonly needed, mission-critical employee data in one place. Before Baron, your employee information existed in separate systems requiring exporting, importing, duplicate data entry, multiple software applications, and several different logins. Baron takes away the pain, time and errors of that process by providing a completely consolidated solution.

You Will Get Personalized Attention and Serious Support
Baron has the perfect solution for small-to-mid-size companies. We have national capabilities with over 3,000,000 employees and 45,000 employers using our platform. When you partner with Baron, you get a dedicated person who knows you, cares about you and understands what your company needs. Imagine getting quick answers to your questions without jumping through hoops and wasting hours and hours of your time.

Robust Time & Attendance Solution Built Right In
Time and attendance is an option with all our packages. Improve your bottom line with reporting that compares projected vs. actual hours worked. Move beyond your outdated time cards and stop calling-in or key punching hours every payroll. With Baron, your timekeeping system will automatically populate your payroll grid and electronically create your payroll input for you, every pay run.

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