April 2017 President’s Message

Run, Forrest, Run!

We need you, and you need to run for election to the Chamber Board. “You talking to me?” Yes, I’m talking to you—to each of you committed to a vibrant, growing and diversified business community and Chamber of Commerce. Your ideas, energy and visions are required and necessary!

Last month I attended a Career Day at my old high school—John Bowne High School—in Flushing, NY. In high school I was involved in the Agriculture Program—I was an Aggie (I actually wanted to be a farmer!) I hadn’t been back in over 40 years and was excited to see what my school looked liked. Surprisingly, the school had that same institutional feel, crowded with kids (triple session) and a large security presence. Nothing seemed different, except when we had a tour of the Ag Dept., which was now lead by a former classmate of mine, Steve Perry.  Steve revolutionized the Ag Dept. with the introduction of modern sciences, a small animal program, avian & reptile studies; introduction of Aquaponics (google it!), modern horticulture techniques and raising of egg-laying chickens in a pristine environment. The new program stood side by side with the traditional program that I went through 40 years ago. Steve said he wanted to lead the program because he had a vision of what it could be. He translated his vision into reality, creating a program much sought after by NYC high school students.

What’s your vision for the POB business community and the Chamber? What do you want to change, keep, create or demolish? A great opportunity is at hand with the expansion of the Chamber’s Board and elections for 6 seats. Make a difference. Make your Vision a reality. Throw your hat in the ring and run for a Board position. If you’ve been a member for at least a year—you’re eligible! The only other requirement is that you have a commitment, passion and a vision! CLICK HERE to Run!

Mark your calendars for our upcoming events, staring with Ultimate Limo’s Networking Nite on April 4th; followed by our General Meeting on April 19th with spotlight speakers Jane Gewant of It’Social Digital Marketing and Richard Cunningham, Assistant Superintendent for Business, POB Central School District, with a 2017-2018 budget presentation. Our featured speaker is newly appointed Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino who graciously agreed to attend our April meeting after our March meeting was “snowed out.” Supervisor Saladino will present his “vision” for the Town and will answer questions from our members about the future of the Town.

Interested in the future of our community’s youth? Each year the Chamber presents scholarships for graduating High School seniors who write essays on different topics. The Scholarship Committee is meeting on April 19th @ 6 pm to read the essays and select winners. Come on down and read about what teenagers think is important. If you’re interested contact Marcia Finklestein or Barbara Mars. Pizza is included!

The Golf Committee is planning for the August 17th Golf & Networking event. Watch for details and shoot a Hole in One by registering. Our Fair Committee is working very hard on planning our October 1st event. We’re using a new promoter, Rachel Frislid of Preferred Promotions whose vendors are primarily craftspeople who create or design their own products of all kind. Coupled with our new promoter, we have a new name for the fair: POB Chamber of Commerce Fall Festival—Arts, Crafts & More! It promises to be a great event (sunny too!) providing great exposure to our community, our members and the Chamber. If you’re interested in being on the Committee, let Fred Morante know. The next meeting is on Friday, April 28th. Our Membership Committee is in full swing brainstorming about ways to engage members and continue to provide value for our Chamber membership. Contact Marianne Plummer if you’d like to be part of this great committee. 

Last, but certainly not least, join us for a Spectacular Networking event hosted by Jodie Feist of Spectacular Eyewear on Monday, May 1st. This event will be both eye-opening & spectacular!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon at our upcoming events. I’m especially excited to see who’s throwing their hat in the ring! “Run, Forrest, Run!

Elan Wurtzel, President