In case you missed it… the Chamber’s April 21st membership meeting delivered tips and motivation on how to succeed in the COVID Era. Savvy sales veteran Jeff Goldberg (of JG&A) encouraged the following:

  • COVID changed everything and we need to adapt to selling virtually
  • Be prepared, look good, make sure all your technology is updated and working well.
  • Follow the same steps of the sales process that you would if you were face-to-face: Establish rapport, gain the right to ask questions, ask lots of great questions, listen actively to the answers, present using enthusiasm, features, benefits and a verbal proof story, and ask for the business (close)!

He also shared a “Goal Countdown 2021” so people can track their financial goal. It automatically calculates how much they have to go to hit their goal and how much time they have left in the year to do so. According to Jeff, “This is a great way to NOT get to mid-November and suddenly realize they’re not going make it to their goal.”

To connect with Jeff or one of his associates, visit the JG&A website and join his Facebook group for salespeople: The Sales Pro Network.