ACG Telecom (A service of Atlantic Computer Group, Inc.)

ACG Telecom (A service of Atlantic Computer Group, Inc.)
Larry Weiss "Larry the Phone Guy"

ACG Telecom is a boutique telephone company offering premium digital phone service for business.  We offer high quality phone service competitive to your local phone or cable company but with far more features, highly personal service and vastly lower prices.

Services offered:

- Quality phone service a vastly lower cost.

- All the lines you need - included!  Your callers will never get a busy signal and you'll never have to wait for an available line.

- Keep your existing phone numbers or get new ones from us - anywhere in the world!

- Low cost local phone numbers in 1,000 markets across North America plus some 60 contries - all routing directly to any destination you choose with no forwarding costs - giving your business a virtual local presence in any market.  Custom phone numbers and toll free numbers as well.

- Virtual Office: Our phones work wherever there is decent Internet service, so you and your employees can work from multiple locations, including at home, as if you were all in the same office.

- Take it with you: You can take your ACG service nearly anywhere in the world - just plug into any Internet connection.  We also have apps that work on your iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Windows phones, tablets and laptops.

- Extremely low cost off-premises "hosted" services save you thousands or $$$ over a new phone system

- ACG vFAX: Virtual fax lets you send and receive faxes from anywhere via the Internet and email at a fraction of the cost of a designated fax line - plus no fax machines, supplies or headaches.

- Extremely low rates on international calls.

- Works with your existing phone system - or, if needed, we offer exciting, feature rich low cost digital phones.

- Extremely personal service that only a small boutique business can provide.

- No ridiculous surcharges or taxes (we only collect New York State sales tax from our New York customers).

- No contracts, committments or penalties!  We keep our customers by providing good service at great prices.  Period.

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