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David Weinstein

Straight Forward Media is a full service marketing agency focusing on strategy, creative, media, public relations, social, and analytics. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the most transparent and personalized attention; to provide an advertising campaign that fits your budget. Completely transparent to our clients, Straight Forward Media shares our performance and media proof to our clients, enabling them to be fully aware of what they are running, how much they are paying, and how it is performing. It’s simple and straight forward. With over 30 years of collective marketing experience and client work, we have covered multiple industries including pharmaceuticals, financial, packaged goods, travel, footwear, retail, beauty and luxury goods, law firms, and outdoor loving. With all of this experience comes a great overall knowledge of both strategy and execution of that strategy utilizing both traditional and digital mediums with behavioral targeted advertising and social media. Let Straight Forward Media review your current media plan, objectives, results, and strategy with a free marketing analysis.

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