Orchard Estate of Woodbury

Orchard Estate of Woodbury
Thressa A Lynch

Choosing a living experience for yourself or a loved one is a very big decision. It is important to choose a community that offers the perfect balance of lifestyle and personal care. At Orchard Estate of Woodbury, you can reconnect with your passions and explore new opportunities every day.

Assisted Living at Orchard Estate of Woodbury
Orchard Estate of Woodbury in Woodbury, NY is an assisted living community choice for older adults who value their independence but need assistance with daily life activities. If you or your loved one needs help with medication management, bathing, dressing, or transportation to and from doctor’s appointments or other locations, our assisted living community offers attentive professional staff 24 hours a day at your service.

Orchard Estate of Woodbury is a great choice for older adults who can't live on their own, but do not need a skilled nursing home environment. It’s just a little help throughout the day with Nurses available, should you need. If you’re thinking assisted living may be right for you, we can help you through the process and answer any questions you and your family may have. We also offer a well recommended, caring and personalized Memory Care department for those who may experience cognitive decline related to injury, age, disease or illness. Many circumstances can lead to a loved one needing a caring memory care living arrangement. We frequently receive many loved ones from local Plainview and Old Bethpage families in need.
Either way, general Assisted Living or Memory Care, please call Thressa to discuss how we can be the right next step for the elder in you life!

Aside from providing care and assistance to our residents, our assisted living community is designed to keep you connected to the people and things you value most. We develop programs and experiences that promote purpose-filled interactions and positive engagement. Our residents live happy and fulfilling lives because of the importance we put on connecting to what’s meaningful and possible throughout life. No matter the age or ability level, we have something for everyone at Orchard Estate of Woodbury!

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