April 15, 2021 @ 5:45 pm – 7:15 pm
Via Zoom
Barbara Mars

Join us for a Women’s Group Meeting on

Thursday, April 15th 

5:45pm (please note earlier start time!) to 7:30pm

Zoom link 

Please RSVP to Barbara Mars — barbmars@optonline.net

Dianne Parker, Business Strategist will be facilitating an important conversation about

“Whatever Keeps You Up at Night” and how it is a source of building resiliency skills.

Here’s an important message from Dianne regarding Thursday’s meeting:

Dear POB Chamber Women’s Group member,

We’ve all had  some really disruptive experiences in the last year. I know I have. Disruptions are more frequent than we realize. And I believe are essential to our growth and thriving. Disruptions are life-changing gifts – ones often difficult to appreciate. In conversation on Thursday, we’ll explore what you consider a recent key disruption in your life. And together  come to better appreciate those disruptions as important revelations. And how to use them to move forward.

Attached is a stimulus list — what Bruce Feiler – in his Book  Life Is In the Transitions – titles a “Deck of Disruptors”. Reflect on a disruption  you’ve experienced recently. And be prepared to share with us how you’re coping with it.

Use  the  “visual scale” (2nd page of attachment) to rate the intensity of your specific disruption. Reflect on that …and bring your thoughts and insights along with you.

Also bring a copy of the scale with you so that you can use it “on camera” if you wish.

Thanks for joining in this important discussion!

~~ Dianne