May 12th: Exciting New Focus Group Launches

Do you want the opportunity to hear advice from other business leaders in your community? Interested in some input from a fresh set of eyes and ears? Up for the challenge of setting these ideas in motion? On Tuesday, May 12th at 8:00am a new COC focus group, the Chamber Braintrust, aims to provide this and more. A moderator will keep members on course as an honest give and take of perspectives, support, resources and business expertise are exchanged among the group.  The intended take away will be constructive criticism, solid advice and recommendations for best practices.  

Each participant will have two minutes to describe their business and the issue or subject about which they would like feedback. The floor is then open for a group discussion of approximately 8 minutes. Some examples of often asked questions are:

Is my website attractive to my potential client?

With whom should I be networking?

Would giving presentations be helpful to my business?

Are my income sources sufficiently diversified? 

In what type of marketing should I be engaged?

What are the best client/customer acquisition methods for my business? 

The Chamber Braintrust Focus Group will meet at Somerset Gardens Senior Living at 8:00am on May 12th. To register, or for more information, please contact Scott Limmer: