January 26, 2017: Exclusive! FREE Workshop for Renewed Members

Renewed members reap big rewards just days after the new year with a free workshops: Stress Management & Hypnosis, both given in January 2017 (Click “read more” for details) from 7:30am to 9:00am at the Mid-Island Y JCC. The first workshop on Leadership held on January 12th was a big hit CLICK HERE FOR GALLERY OF PHOTOS. Last year’s exclusive offering (commercial video workshops) was a big hit. Be sure to renew and be part of 2017’s complimentary membership kick-off event. Register/Renew

Stress Management Workshop

January 26, 2017: Release the stress in you! Explore hypnosis and other practical strategies to achieve calm and manage your stress – leading to a more productive and happier daily life. The stress reduction/group hypnosis workshop is also free for 2017 members and is presented by POB COC member Donna Bloom, board certified hypnotist, of Wise Mind Hypnosis. Donna will teach strategies to relieve ordinary stress and conduct a group hypnosis session. Mindfulness and hypnosis are powerful states of mind to make long lasting, beneficial changes. Join us!

If you have not already renewed your membership and would like to attend the session, you can do either or both with one simple click: Register/Renew