One of the missions of Meadowbrook Dentistry is “focusing on what matters most to our patients and improving their quality of life.” With that goal in mind, along with a passion for giving back, Dr. Silfa and his team decided to offer $15,000 in donated dental work to two deserving essential workers during the pandemic. The Smile Giveaway contest solicited nominations (see below) and Meadowbrook staff awarded Daniel C. and Gina M. their donated services. “Daniel and Gina are both currently in treatment and well on their way to improving their smiles and so much more,” said Dr. Silfa.

Stay tuned for progress reports on Daniel and Gina!

Daniel C. Nomination: “I want to nominate my best friend, Daniel. He definitely deserves a smile makeover but cannot afford it. At a young age he was told he would need root canals on every tooth and was never able to do it due to lack of funds. He did lose multiple teeth because of this, and he’s so young! . He became a young single dad and that was his priority. Today, he works as a superintendent in a building. During COVID, he has worked 24 hours straight, has had to move bodies of elderly people who passed away in their apartments, etc. He has really gone above and beyond during this pandemic. While doing all of that, he managed to help his wife, a teacher, while she transitioned to remote learning. If there’s anyone who deserves it, it’s him. He’s always gone above and beyond and because of life, always puts himself last.”

Gina M.Nomination:  “My childhood best-friend Gina is a speech pathologist from Queens NY and has been working in Staten Island almost every day, nonstop with Covid patients. Unfortunately, she has been stressed since many of her patients have died from Covid complications as many of them are older. Her dedication and the love she has for her patients makes her put others before herself and I know this smile makeover would make her already beautiful smile even more beautiful. I know she has a tooth she is very unhappy with. Her front tooth seems to be “dead” and never matches her other teeth. I’m sure something can be done? She deserves it as I’m sure many others do!”

Watch as Dr. Silfa shares the good news with Daniel