Our Mission


Plainview-Old Bethpage Chamber of Commerce is an Association of local Business, Professional and Industrial Community Leaders, both men and women, who earnestly strive to make YOUR PLAINVIEW-OLD BETHPAGE a better place in which to live, work and carry on your business.


  1. It promotes the Commercial, Industrial, Professional, and Civic interests of Plainview-Old Bethpage.
  2. It represents all the basic branches of business within this community.
  3. Its policies are determined by an elected Board of Directors who serve without compensation.
  4. Its work is developed and carried out through committees whose personnel include men and women of mature experience and judgment.
  5. Its accomplishments, since its inception in 1954 have been for the welfare of Plainview-Old Bethpage.
  6. Its records are an open book to members and a challenge to the interest and support of every wide-awake citizen who has the welfare of the community at heart and who believes in the American free-enterprise system.