Nassau County Technical Services Grant

From the NCCC website: This grant was received from Nassau County and is being operated by the Nassau Council of Chambers of Commerce (NCCC) the umbrella organization that ties all of Nassau’s Chambers together. The goal is to help every small business in NC, having Chambers involved as hosts of events at the grass roots level, using local companies physically located in NC and contracted by the NCCC to supply the services.

If your company is physically located in NC and would like to participate in any of the service types covered by this, that means hired to do so, you must fill out and submit the RFP. There are three (3) separate RFP opportunities available (one per service type) for each of the three (3) zones, for a total of nine (9) that are available to be submitted. A company can submit for any or all of them, if it chooses, but each will be considered separately. While described in more detail on the RFP, the service types are Financial Management, Marketing & Communications and Computer Systems. The RFP will be available below via download on Monday April 1st, 2024. Questions can be submitted to up until end of day 4/16/24 and will be answered during a ZOOM PBC on 4/17/24, along with the many others that will come in during that meeting, followed by a posting of the Addendum (a recap of it) on 4/22/24, then the RFPs are due by end of day Friday 5/3/24.

There will be a ZOOM Pre-Bid Conference on Wednesday 4/17/24 at 7pm, to answer the questions that were previously submitted by email, along with all that come in during that event. Any Nassau County based company even remotely interested in participating should attend. Click HERE to sign into the Zoom or you can use

For full details, visit the grant page on the NCCC website Nassau County Technical Grant – Nassau Council of Chambers of Commerce (