Meet Our Current Charity Partner

Ariella’s NY Friendship Circle has been selected as the POB Chamber’s new charity partner. The 501c3 organization was initially established to foster meaningful and lasting friendships among teens and individuals of all abilities. (Read their history below) Thanks to the unwavering dedication and commitment of their teen volunteers, Over the past twelve years it has evolved into something much greater; a safe haven where individuals of all abilities can truly be themselves, feel accepted, and be valued for their unique qualities. Moreover, it has become a place of learning, where everyone has the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Learn more about Ariella’s NY Friendship Circle

Director Elizabeth Klein: “The Friendship Circle family is honored to be chosen as this year’s “Charity of Choice” and looks forward to working together to raise some much-needed funds for our cause.”

For the next ten months (September 2023 through June 2024) the chamber will help raise awareness and funds for this important cause. Please take a moment to learn more about the organization and consider donating to our fundraisers at networking events and on other occasions. Contact Barbara Mars with any questions:

History: The Friendship Circle started as a dire need for individuals in our community.  A mother came to Rabbi Saacks in tears that her child had no friends and was constantly being left out.  The parents also felt ostracized from the community as they felt no one had the patience or understanding for their autistic child. That was all Rabbi Saacks needed to hear and sprung into action creating this amazing space where all are welcome.  It was also a goal to educate the typical community so that no family should feel shunned due to their child’s abilities. It has grown to service thousands of families over the years giving them a place to call their own.

Thank you to Michael Chad, chamber board member and charity committee chair, and the other committee members — board members Andrea Goldman, Cheryl Dender, Shoshanna Ellihou Cellers and member Jeff Trugman for carefully considering all of the worthy charity candidates.