October 2016 President’s Message

It’s Not Just Trump v. Clinton

We just completed our 5th Annual Fair this past Saturday on October 1st. While the weather didn’t cooperate completely, the overcast skies were no match for the sunny dispositions of vendors, shoppers, chamber members, and the cast of entertainers who performed during the day.IMG 6984 We raised over $700 dollars for POB Cares/Project Pace, (this year’s charity “adopted” by the Chamber) through a combination of raffle sales for a TV (donated by Beechwood Organization), Guessing How Many Coins were in a Jar; and Spins on the Wheel! Kudos to the Fair Committee and Volunteers which included Barbara Mars, David Weinstein, Doug Hilfman, Fred Morante, Gary Epstein, Gayle Charlack, Gretchen Browne, Howard Rosenthal, Larry Weiss, Laura Avital, Marcia Finklestein, Matthew Schuller, Mike Ruvolo, Ned Marzigliano, Rich Leshaw, Tami Racaniello, Tim Mee, Crystal Marzigliano, Andy Bader, Doug Hilfman, Michael Chad, Heidi Felix, Alan Goldberg, Cindy Seidman and co-chairs Bryan Trugman and Dr. Ben Carlow. The Committee’s selfless work over the past six months is greatly appreciated by all and illustrates how great teamwork creates winning results! Special thanks also goes out to the POB Library and their entire staff and all of our Sponsors, whose generous support of the Chamber helped make the Fair a success!

Great teamwork and winning results also resulted in stunning and moving dedication ceremonies held on September 11th  that was attended by 300+ people at the POB Library. IMG 5281aArtist David Haussler captured the Chamber’s vision of what the 911 Memorial should be: a solemn remembrance of September 11th that was beautiful, uplifting and inspiring as well as a testament to the principles which make our country and the POB community great: Liberty, Tolerance & Freedom. Special thanks to to the 911 Fair Committee which included Francesca Carlow, Andy Bader, Gretchen Browne, Jane Gewart, Mary Rosen, Paula Mauro, Ben Wiley, Heidi Felix, Larry Weiss, Pastor Eric Olsen, Charles Romano, Gary Epstein, Don Ingram, Jim Baker, Donna Weiss, Shelley Feigelson and Jacki Pollack.


Our networking committee, chaired by Alan Goldberg, has been hard at work. The first event of the year, hosted by Optix Family Eye Care, was eye-opening! IMG 6582a Optix went all out with food, desserts and gifts. Their brand new facility is spectacular and their team is outstanding! Upcoming networking events include one being hosted by Advantage Hyundai on October 20th and a joint chamber networking event with the Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce, planned for November 9th. Mark your calendars and come on down—these events are a great way to develop relationships with chamber members in a fun setting and set in motion the foundation for future business dealings with each other.

Lost in the hoopla of national politics is the Chamber’s own very popular candidate’s forum which will be held at our General Meeting on Wednesday October 19th at the Marriott Residence Inn. Interest in political affairs, the future of our country and community is high. Passions for national candidates (good or bad) have driven record numbers to watch the first Presidential Debate. We’re honored to have many candidates view our forum as important and also look forward to a spirited debate (no split screens though!). Candidates for Congress, State Senate and State Assembly are expected to appear. (Donald & Hillary might show up–who knows?) Also expected are Arnold Drucker and Lou Imbroto, candidates seeking to fill the seat recently vacated by the untimely death of Chamber friend and member, Legislator Judy Jacobs. Mark your calendar, come on down to the meeting and have questions to ask the candidates. We expect a very spirited debate on the issues. If you or someone you know haven’t yet registered to vote, CLICK HERE to Register On-Line. Make sure your voice & vote are heard.

The Chamber is growing and has never been more filled with energy. We completed the MapToons campaign that has been a big hit with our members and consumers. Our membership is over 240 businesses and continues to grow. What do you want to get out of the Chamber? What could be better? Different? How can it help your business grow? Can I score that big sale or land that new customer? How do I do that? On October 25th we’re going to have a BrainStorming (BS) session to talk about these issues and ideas (6 pm at the POB Library, Meeting Rooms C&D). Come on down—we want to hear from you and come up with creative ideas that continue to make the Chamber relevant to your business.  If you’re interested in participating, contact me elan@wurtzellaw.com or David Weinstein, who will be spearheading the BS session (BrainStorming!) at david@straightforwardmediallc.com. You can also call the Chamber at 516-937-5646 and let us know you’ll be attending.

We’re on the move with lots of activities, energy and ideas. Come to meetings & events and participate. You’ll find that besides the friendship, schmoozing and food, the seeds of business development & generation will be started leading to success for all! As long term member and board member Marcia Finklestein has said, “You gotta be in it to win it!.”

Looking foward to seeing you all soon!

Elan Wurtzel