Platinum Sponsor Profile: Rich Leshaw, Manager, TD Bank Plainview

Company name, year founded: TD Bank, founded over 150 years ago

What products or services do you offer?To what areas? TD offers a broad array of retail, small business and commercial banking products and services to more than 8.5 million customers. They have an extensive network of more than 1,300 retail stores throughout the East Coast. TD Bank and its subsidiaries also provide clients with customized private banking and wealth management services.

What makes your business stand out from competitors? Known as “America’s Most Convenient Bank,” TD is one of the 10 largest banks in the U.S. They aim to provide legendary customer service while making meaningful and positive contributions to the community. We are committed to building human experiences through real advice and connections. We are dedicated to our communities and are always focused on being customer centric – offering more unexpected extras than any other bank.

What has been the most valuable element of your Chamber membership? Over the years I have been able to build relationships with others that include the opportunity to utilize each other’s resources in various ways. It has been a great feeling to know that the Chamber also works to ensure that those who work and live here are supported.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you: When he’s not greeting customers at his branch, Rich is spending time with his grandchildren and enjoying music and sports.

Fall Festival 2019 high level sponsors (Silver, Gold and Platinum) are featured on the chamber’s homepage and then in an upcoming issue of the POB Herald. Just one of their many great sponsorship benefits.