President’s Message February 2015

Elan Wurtzel
Have you heard Meghan Trainor’s song, “It’s All About the Bass.”? I love that song–besides the melody and lyrics, in only 5 words Meghan tells us what it’s all about–it’s all about the bass! Imagine if you could convey to the world who you are and what you do in five words! It’s why logos, tag-lines and imagery are important in communicating. It’s why on-line marketing and websites are critical to a business’ success. Using our imagination, marketing skills and the science of communication, we try and tell the world who we are and what we do. The Chamber’s new website will help in that mission of communication and marketing–use it, work it, let other Chamber members and the world at large know who you are. Click on the ADD ENTRY Page of the Chamber website and do your magic–Are You All About the Bass? Or something else? Tell the world! (If you want a hilarious demonstration of not knowing who you are, check out Billy Crystal in Analyze This when he tries to answer the question, “Who I am?”) If you want to be a little more articulate than Billy Crystal, don’t miss our February 18th meeting at the Marriott Residence Inn where Marla Seiden will offer an exciting presentation on how to Lift Your Elevator Speech to the Next Level.  The internet, websites and social media are only a part of being successful. My father grew up in Eastern Europe in a rural village in Poland. The largest “city” near his town was over 20 miles away. In the era of non-motorized traffic (horse and wagon!), that could be a whole day’s worth of travel–and certainly not an easy trek. With the internet and digital communication, we can communicate around the world in an instant. And yet with all this technology, it’s the personal relationships and connections that we develop that drive business and create opportunities. It’s a well known fact, that we prefer to do business with people that we know, that we like, that we trust and have relationships with.

IMG 4405That’s what our Chamber provides: the environment to develop relationships and friendships, which will set the stage for future business opportunities. Talk to other members and you’ll see a myriad of intersecting relationships and business interests–you will feel, see and hear the positive energy generated amongst ourselves and how members work together to enhance each other’s professions and businesses. It happens every day with our Chamber members and it’s real. It happens by becoming involved, making connections and developing relationships. A perfect illustration of what we can do was this month’s Paid Up Membership Dinner, where over 100 members and guests attended. There was energy in the room–provided by our very passionate speaker–and by each of us connecting and re-connecting with friends, colleagues and people we’ve never met before.

We’re not all about the bass, but if I had to say in 5 words what our Chamber was all about I’d say–it’s about people, connections and relationships leading to business opportunities (OK, that’s 8 words!).

Have a great month and I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events and meetings!