President’s Message–November 2015

Have you been following the news? The Mets are in the World Series! Who could have imagined such success back in July when they couldn’t score any runs. “True” Met believers like myself thought they were done!

With the addition of new players, new energy, chemistry and teamwork, they have rocketed to the World Series!

The same can be said about our Chamber. Our growth has been phenomenal over the past 4 years, growing from 100 members to over 185 members. Tangible benefits of membership include custom pages on our website, valuable networking opportunities, business collaboration between members, promotion of members on the Website, the Herald and a greater visibility on social media like Facebook. At our October Candidate’s Meeting a member came up to me and said, “You guys are doing a great job!” The member remarked that she works and visits with a lot of other Chambers and said that we’re one of the best she’s seen. She said, “There’s Huntington and Melville and you’re right there with them.” High praise!

Like the Mets we have new players, new energy great teamwork and great chemistry. It’s all a formula for great success.

Last month’s Fair was a huge success—due in no small part to the great team that put the Fair together (as well as the prayers for good weather!). Our supportive Sponsors and great Volunteers made it a fantastic event! Vendors were happy with their sales and the opportunity to meet shoppers and potential customers. Thousands of people passed through the Fair proving successful our goal of showcasing the Chamber and its Members!

Don’t forget Election Day—November 3rd! Go out and Vote!

As many of you know, South Oyster Bay Road has been designated an access road by the State which potentially could allow unlimited heavy truck traffic on SOB from the LIE to the Fed Ex facility at the former Grumman property. The Chamber has been instrumental in alerting our local officials about this unwanted truck traffic. We’ve also been in communication with  other civic associations, Fed Ex, and Steel Equities (developers of the Grumman site) about our concerns. As a result of the concerns about SOB, the Town of Oyster Bay, through the leadership of Rebecca Alesia, will be conducting a hearing on November 10th to explore ways to mitigate the State’s designation. Watch for further news.

The Beechwood Project, Country Pointe at Plainview, appears to be  moving forward. The Chamber has obtained Beechwood’s agreement to distribute to families purchasing homes, a Welcome Kit from the Chamber, which will include our new Membership Directory. Our Members will be front and center for people moving into our community–and will afford us an opportunity to market our services to these new residents. Beechwood will also allow our members to offer/bid their services to them as part of their construction of the development. Watch for more details.

Don’t forget to come to our next general meeting on November 18th. Just in time for Thanksgiving, Dr. ______ will make delicious presentation on ____________.

We’re offering a very unique and exciting Networking event on November 19th at the Entrepreneur Center. This is a can’t miss event—there’s limited seating and it promises to be innovative and interactive. Don’t miss out! Click Here to RSVP and reserve your seat!

While it’s early, RSVP for the Chamber Holiday on December 3rd. Bring your office with you—bring your business colleagues and family. The Holiday Party is a great way to relax and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow members. Click Here to RSVP.

The Chamber has acquired an artifact (piece of steel) from the World Trade Center. We are forming a committee lead by Francesca Carlow and Shelley Feigelson to plan a design to display the artifact. If you’re interested in being a part of the Committee, let Francesa or Shelley know or e-mail 

We want you to be involved. Let us know how you want to help. Getting involved is beneficial on so many levels—besides working to achieve good results, you really do get to meet new people and develop relationships. It’s those relationships which lead to business opportunities.

Looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming meetings & events!